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20 year warranty

Made in the USA
Made in the USA
in Minnesota!

The BENEFITS of owning a Charmaster Wood Furnace:
Warmth, Security, Economy.

The Charmaster System will lower or eliminate your heating costs. Many Charmaster owners report their YEARLY heating costs is about the same as a MONTH'S heating cost using oil, gas or electric heat. You are no longer a slave to fluctuating and inflated energy costs.

Wood Heat - Now More Than Ever.
Free domestic hot water saves you hundreds of dollars per year. Installation is simple. Results are fantastic. Save $50 or more per month. Another reason why Charmaster spells PAYBACK!
A warmer, more comfortable home. Wood heat is 24-hour-a-day heat. Oil, gas or electric heat is on wide open and then off. There is a big difference in your comfort level. You'll love it!
A Charmaster furnace will pay for itself many times over. You will receive a huge return on your investment year after year. Most Charmaster furnaces pay for themselves in 3 years or less!
Security. A Charmaster or Chalet furnace will heat your home during power outages.
Best Warranty - 20 year limited warranty on a forced air firebox - built tough 3/16" and 1/4" steel plate.
Low wood consumption. Charmaster's unique design and burning principles offer you the utmost efficiency. Burn only a fraction of the wood consumed by other wood-burning furnaces. No wood splitting required. Accepts 10" diameter wood.
Easy to install. A "do-it-yourselfer's" dream.
Factory assembled and wired to the fullest extent possible, saving you hours of installation time.
Dependability - continuous furnace production since 1972. Proven components and lowest possible prices.
Confidence proven by thousands of satisfied customers - ask for references.
We are not the best because we are the oldest. We are the oldest because we are the best.
Really big furnace sale at Charmaster furnaces
An Investment in Quality and Performance.

Oil prices keep going up When it comes to quality, performance and efficiency, Charmaster heating systems cannot be compared to other wood burning furnaces. While they may cost more than some furnaces, the initial price of a Charmaster system will be returned to you many times over through outstanding efficiency and superior design.

Charmaster fireboxes are made of extra thick steel designed to give you years of trouble-free service. In fact, they are so well built, Charmaster offers a 20-year limited warranty on its fireboxes. They work extremely well to keep your home warm and comfortable at a fraction of the cost of oil, gas, electric or other wood burning systems. A Charmaster furnace is simple in concept and easy to install. Charmaster wood furnaces lead the way.

How long can you keep paying high oil and gas prices?
Wood is available, renewable and affordable.

A Charmaster furnace will pay for itself in a few short years with oil and gas prices hitting record highs. Original Charmaster furnaces built in the 1970's are still burning and heating homes across the country. Just think how many times they have paid for themselves! Why wait - order today. Start saving money NOW!

Up to 60% of the heat available from wood fuel is in the gases. Charmaster's exclusive "over-the-fire" draft system, combined with its airtight design, burns these gases more completely, and requires substantially less wood.

Charmaster's Draft System Charmaster's Exclusive Draft System
250-300 degree smoke pipe temperature.
Controlled - Sufficient heat loss going up the chimney. SUPER EFFICIENT!!

Advantages of "Over-the-Fire" Draft
Adequate oxygen supply (above the fire) means efficient and complete combustion of gases. A hotter and cleaner burn.
Low wood consumption... extra long "burn-time." Converts wood to a bed of charcoal.
Extra large "heat reserve" (charcoal bed) means a warm home in the morning, and a clean chimney.
Thermostatically controlled even heat throughout your home.
Fewer ashes to remove.
Other Furnaces
Other Draft Systems
600 - 1200 degree smoke pipe temperature. Excessive heat loss going up the chimney. High wood consumption. VERY INEFFICIENT!

Disadvantages of an Open Grate with "Below-the-Fire" Draft
Burns heart of the fire away continuously.
High wood consumption.
Burns the oxygen from the combustion air when passing through the fire. No charcoal.
No oxygen available above fire to burn gases. (Very inefficient)
Fire burns from bottom up. Short burn time. Cold house in the morning.

Stop straining to read your computer monitor...
give us a call and we will mail you out a full color brochure TODAY!

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