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Made in the USA
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We have so many that we can't list them all, but here's a few...

"Just wanted to compliment one of your personnel, John Arnold, for the fantastic service he provided us recently. We purchased and installed a Charmaster Wood/Oil furnace in our home in August 1987. It has performed almost flawlessly ever since providing "VERY GOOD HEAT" for our 3,600 sq. ft., 2 story home. Whenever we have had a glitch or question (few and far between), a real, live person at Charmaster has been extremely easy to contact and has been very helpful with immediate answers or solutions. To get this kind of service these days, particularly on a product that was purchases so long ago seems to be almost unheard of. John is most definitely an asset to your company. I am so impressed that I had to let you know not only what a fine product Charmaster produces, but just as important, the excellent service we have experienced recently and in the past." R.P., Shipman, VA
"We have recently purchases our second Charmaster for our second home. Great furnace! Great salespeople! Great service! Very helpful." J.S., Solan Beach, CA
"We love our Charmaster furnace! My furnace man tells me it is far and away the best combination wood-oil furnace he has ever seen in 45 years in the business! Thank you again." J.E., Litchfield, ME
"In 1977 I bought a Charmaster combination oil and wood-burning furnace. The furnace has been most satisfactory and trouble-free and shows no sign of wear. From mid November to April, I burn four cords of wood, which shows that it is very efficient. None of the other furnaces my friends and neighbors own can do this well. I do not hesitate in recommending this furnace, and if I were buying a furnace now, it would be the same one as I have. Also, a product is not better that the company making it, and my dealing with Charmaster has been top drawer." J.B, NY
"I wanted to drop you a line and say how much we enjoy your furnace. Our house is approximately 1600 sq. ft. not including a full basement. We can totally heat our house with wood even down to -10 degrees like we had last week. I also like when burning wood how the house stays at such an even temperature, even without the furnace fan running. The heat filters up through the heat ducts.
I would also like to tell you that Steve R. that recently purchased a Charmaster furnace is a work-mate of mine. I told him how great a product it was and showed him mine. Brian H., who I have also recommended the Charmaster Furnace to, is a building contractor who is building a house this Spring for himself." Thank You, W. M. Niles, Michigan
P.S. "The wood fork is a real must! I recommend it to all prospective owners.

"We have had our Charmaster for four years in our greenhouse. We now want to move it into our home, it heats so well. Please send us information for our home installation." H.B., Roxbury, Connecticut

"This furnace is tops! House under construction and yet needs trim & doors but we are heating a total of 4,000 sq. ft. with the Charmaster. A tremendous asset to our home and having purchased it factory direct a considerable savings that I give thanks for." Respectfully, W.G., Bozeman, Montana

"We installed a Charmaster II Furnace in our home four years ago, when we first built. We have the fireplace, oil backup and also the hot water coils. We have a large home with eleven rooms we heat - and very well I must say. We use our furnace strictly on wood and the majority of the time on gravity. It has done a fine job. We like it and have recommended it several times." J.R., Minong, Wisconsin

"We bought an Ember furnace from you and really like it. It is unique in our area and many people have been asking us about it. Would you please send additional literature so we may hand it out to interested persons in our area." C.J., Stroud, Oklahoma

"Hi there, sending this card from Hawaii. We recommended a Charmaster to our friend Jack, the man who built the castle on Mt. Diablo. He was so happy after using the Charmaster for one year he gave us this free vacation. Have been thinking of you and Charmaster." Mike & Syel, Tahoe Paradise, California

"I have a Charmaster in my home, heating a little more that 7,300 sq. ft. that I have shown many times. I assure you, seeing my furnace in operation leaves little doubt about Charmasters' operational efficiency." W.C.K., Montana

"This is the best appliance I have ever owned." Dr. J.H.S., Davenport, Iowa

"Thank You for being so helpful answering my furnace questions. In September 1976, I purchased a Charmaster and have used it almost exclusively with wood since. I am extremely pleased with it." W.P., Consulting Engineer, Duluth, Minnesota

Dear Sir:
"I purchased one of your products in 1990. It is the Charmaster Wood/Oil burning furnace. When I purchased the furnace it was used for 4 or 5 years, I received all of the owners manuals, but I didn't receive a parts manual. I am writing to find out if I could receive a parts manual from your company." Thank You. Sincerely, F. P., Watkins, Minnesota
P.S. "This is the best furnace I ever purchased."

"Please send Brochure/Prices for your Charmaster Furnace. I used one for a winter in a rental in the upper part of Michigan and it was terrific!" R.P., Green Bay, Wisconsin

"Please send 3 fusible links for our Charmaster Wood/Oil furnace. We Love Our Furnace." Thank You. D.M., Cowen, West Virginia

"I am enclosing $10.00 for six fusible links for my Charmaster. Please send as soon as possible as I am down to my last one. The person I bought the stove from said to send this to you to purchase more. I hope I have the right place and amount of money. Boy do I LOVE my stove!" Thanks. K.C., Quincy, California

"Our mountain cabin is 2200 sq. ft. and was heated comfortably with our Charmaster Wood Furnace in the North Georgia Mountains. We have had it for 5 years, and we believe that it will serve us very satisfactorily for many years to come. If you have any inquiries in this area, we will direct them to our home, where they can see it themselves." C.H.W., Cleveland, Georgia

"We bought a Charmaster Wood/Oil Furnace in 1977 and really like it. I am telling my sister about your line, but please send her your factory direct prices and your brochures." H.VanDerZ., Cornelius, Oregon

"Mr. May in St. Anthony, Idaho showed me this wood burning furnace he purchased from you last summer. It is what I have been looking for." R.D., Menan, Idaho

"I know a number of my customers who have purchased your furnace after my recommendation. I have had my Charmaster for 4 years now." M.A.E. DDS., Hibbing, Minnesota

2307 Highway 2 West • Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55744
218-326-6786 or 218-326-2636

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