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Made in the USA
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"A Charmaster Exclusive" Power Outage Package

Don't worry about a power outage when you have a Charmaster Furnace
Power Outage
Ice Storms? Bad Weather? No Electricity? No Problem!
Rest assured... you installed a Charmaster furnace.

Here's what the "Exclusive" Charmaster Power Outage Package will do for you!
A Power Outage Package converts your Chalet, Charmaster or Charmaster II forced air wood furnace into a Gravity Heat Furnace. The package consists of an Automatic Air Intake and a Safety Heat Dump.

What is Gravity Heat?
Gravity Heat is cooler, heavier air that flows back into your furnace to be reheated, then the warmer, lighter air naturally rises through your ductwork. This is Mother Nature at work as hot air rises. During a Power outage, your furnace blower will not run. In order to get air flow through your furnace, the Auto Air Intake will automatically open, allowing warm air to naturally rise through your ductwork, and your home will be heated by Gravity Heat.

Additional benefits of the Auto Air Intake
When your furnace blower is not running (because your thermostat is satisfied), the Auto Air Intake door will be open. This allows warm air to naturally rise through your ductwork, keeping your home toasty warm. With Gravity Heat, your blower will run less often, saving you money on your electic bill and providing more even heat!

Benefits of the Safety Heat Dump
During a power outage, if hot air plenum temperatures reach 280 degrees, the Safety Heat Dump door opens, allowing the warm air to escape. The heat escapes safely into your basement preventing your ductwork from overheating.

When the weather is at its worst, Charmaster is still at its best!
Feel safe and secure when your power goes out. Our Deluxe furnaces include the Power Outage Package.

Charmasters Exclusive Power OUtage Package Gravity Heat

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