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Made in the USA
Made in the USA
in Minnesota!

"I can't believe how the Embers performs. I use the same amount of wood only I heat the whole house. I figure I get three times the heat from the same type and amount of wood." ~R.S., Curtiss, Wisconsin

Embers Specifications

Dimensions: Length 54", height 48", width 30".

Weight: 650 pounds.

Firebox: 24" long, 1/4" thick back plate. 3/16" thick front plate and sides, firebrick lined.

Heating Capacity: Heats up to 2,000 square feet.

Return Air Opening: 2 - 12" round

Supply Air Opening: 2 - 12" round

Chimney Requirements: 6" inside diameter insulated Class A stainless. (sold separately)

Security: All EMBERS have a Safety Heat Dump installed as standard equipment. This protects the firebox and electrical controls from overheating during a power outage.

Fire Door: 11" x 13" cast iron.

Blower Direct Drive: Standard, 2550 C.F.M., 3-speed, 3/4 H.P.

Embers specs

The Embers Outdoor Wood Furnace is the better way!

  • Eliminates or drastically reduces oil or gas heating bills.
  • Shipped completely assembled; factory wired and tested.
  • Firebrick lined.
  • Easy, simple hook-up to your existing system.
  • Ultra efficient air tight construction for top burning efficiency.
  • CHARMASTER'S exclusive above-the-fire draft squeezes all the heat out of your firewood and gives you more control and longer burn time than with any other system.
  • FREE heavy duty poker with each unit.
  • Heavy galvanealed steel jacket coated with thick enamel to resist rust.
  • Built-in free standing chimney support. The simplest ever! Just insert a few lengths of stainless insulated chimney pipe.
  • Totally adaptable to any home - even homes heated with a hot water boiler system by installing a simplified air duct system.

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