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Made in the USA
Made in the USA
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Typical Hot Water Coil Installation Diagram

A Chalet, Charmaster, and Charmaster II furnace includes a domestic (household) hot water heating coil free! This coil would be installed in the firebox of the wood furnace, and natural convection circulates the water without a pump. (See illustration) This is also called thermo siphon. You and your family would be benefiting from free domestic hot water all winter long. The Charmaster furnace preheats your hot water - at no cost to you! This alone will save you hundreds of dollars every year! CLICK HERE FOR COIL DIMENSIONS
A guaranteed money saver

Did You Know?
Baby in tub You can heat your home for $450.00 a year!
A Charmaster furnace is America's best buy in heating equipment. You can heat a 3 or 4 bedroom home in Northern Minnesota for $750.00 a year. Even less in warmer regions of the country. That's $750.00 a year if you buy your firewood. No - not a month - a full year! Plus a Charmaster Wood furnace will give you $300.00 or more of free domestic hot water throughout the winter, and the warmest home in the county. Subtract the $300.00 or more from your $750.00 wood cost and your total heating cost for the entire year could be $450.00 or less. Yes, that's $450.00 a year, not $450.00 a month.

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Charmaster Furnaces are proven money savers
"In 1985 I purchased a Charmaster Wood/Oil furnace. We installed it after Thanksgiving that year. It is now 14 years later and the question is: Would I do it again? YES!

We also installed the water coil with a tempering tank, and during the heating season, the water in the tempering tank is actually hotter going into the water heater than the water heater is set for, thus saving a considerable amount of money on our water heating bill! After 13 years we did replace the water coil due to extremely hard water - a minimal expense!

Even in the coldest winter, with wind chills in the - 20s and below, our house has never been cold, and we've never burned more than about 7 cords of wood to heat our large house - 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, family room, dining room, kitchen, living room and garage. Anyone who has a ready supply of wood, or access to wood, should certainly consider a Charmaster!"
- B. R., Lancaster, PA


Chalet Coil Dimensions Charmaster Coil Dimensions

Furnace/Fireplace Coil Dimensions
(may be lessened by insulating materials installed persuant to state and local codes)

Top - 6 inches
Sides of hot air plenum - 18 inches
Front - 48 inches
Smoke Pipe - 18 inches
Floor - Noncombustible

Installation clearances from any combustible surface to the furnace: these dimensions listed above are required by the National Fire Protection Association.

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