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Accessory Items

All items come with the Chalet, Charmaster or Charmaster II Deluxe models except the Cold Air Return

Diagram of a Plenum, Automatic Air Intake, Cold Air Return, Safety Heat Dump, Wood Fork, Smoke Pipe Kit.

Hot Air Plenum
A Hot Air Plenum is the metal box required between all hot air furnaces and the ductwork system. Our plenums are custom made of 26 gauge galvanized metal. 24"L x 28" W x 30"H.

(Part of the Power Outage Package)
Automatic Air Intake The Automatic Air Intake is a 10x20 inch unit that will mount over an opening cut into your furnace jacket.

The 10x20 inch door will be opened and closed by a 110 volt motor. The door is held closed while your blower is running. Thus you would have a typical forced air furnace operation.

When your furnace blower is not running, the 10x20 inch door will automatically open. With the door in the open position, your furnace will be operating as a GRAVITY HEAT SYSTEM.

With Gravity Heat, your blower will run less often, saving you money on your electic bill and providing more even heat. Standard 10x20 inch furnace filters are used in this unit for complete air filtration.
Smoke Pipe Kit
The Smoke Pipe Kit for our Chalet, Charmaster and Charmaster II is required for all installations. The 8" inside diameter pipe is constructed of extra heavy 24 guage galvanized metal. The kit inlcudes (2) 90" adjustable elbows, (2) 24" smoke pipes, (1) tee, (1) non-galvanized drawband and (1) manual damper (if required) Wood/Oil Smoke Pipe Kit also includes one extra 24" smoke pipe, tee, and barometric draft control.

Cold Air Return
The cold air return (16"x20"x80" high) can greatly increase the efficiency of your wood furnace and help in the circulation of heat in your home. Most basement heating installations would include a cold air return. Our volume buying saves you money. It is custom made to fit a Chalet, Charmaster or Charmaster II furnace, and includes an air filter. This can be installed on either side of the furnace.

(Part of the Power Outage Package)
The Safety Heat Dump is mounted on any side of your hot air plenum. A 10"x20" door is held closed by a spring and fusible link. This door remains closed as long as the furnace blower cycles, and the furnace heat is being forced out through your hot air duct work system.
Safety Heat Dump
Should your home experience an ELECTRICAL POWER OUTAGE, the furnace blower would not function. During that time, your plenum temperature may reach 280 degrees or more. At that time a fusible link will melt in the Safety Heat Dump, allowing the 10"x20" door to open, to let the hot air escape safely into your basement. This safety system, which is exclusive with Charmaster, prevents your duct work from overheating. Three fusible links are included with every Safety Heat Dump, and replacements are available from Charmaster.

Wood Fork The Wood Fork has proven to be one of the best methods of handling firewood. So easy to use! With the Wood Fork, you'll easily pick up a piece of firewood from your wood pile and safely place it in your furnace.

Use the Wood Fork to handle you wood All steel construction. Eliminates stooping and bending. Keeps the wood away from you, not on expensive clothing. Positively eliminates burned fingers, skinned knuckles, and broken finger nails. Soot marks on your jacket or shirt sleeves are a thing of the past! Ideal for men and women alike! Proven by thousands of customers.

Wood Rack
Take a look at our NEW WOOD RACK. Holds over a half cord of firewood. Works great with 15" to 30" firewood. Easy to stack, cover and clean around. Experience a beautiful rack of firewood.

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