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Welcome to Charmaster Furnaces and Heating Systems
Where even the most demanding homeowners have satisfied their heating requirements with utmost confidence . . . THIS CONFIDENCE HAS BEEN EARNED!

Experience Counts.

Charmaster is one of the original manufacturers of wood central heating systems. We began producing the Charmaster wood furnace in northern Minnesota in 1972, long before the energy crisis engulfed the world. A Charmaster furnace is a SUPER EFFICIENT wood burning device for central home heating. Charmaster furnaces are far superior and more technologically advanced than any other wood burning unit on the market today.

Quality Comes First.
Charmaster knows quality. We strive to build long-lasting durability into every Charmaster furnace. Our furnaces are manufactured with the highest quality components available in the heating industry today. Installation is easy for most do-it-yourselfers. All Charmaster furnaces are shipped with our plainly written, easy-to-understand, instruction, installation and operating manual.

Really big furnace sale at Charmaster furnaces Our name, CHARMASTER, comes from the word CHARCOAL. A Charmaster furnace is a "MASTER" at producing charcoal. The Charmaster is the only wood burning furnace which will convert your wood into a GLOWING BED OF CHARCOAL. Charmaster will produce heat for your entire home far superior to any other wood furnace.

Superior Design.
Charmaster furnaces are airtight units that convert wood into a beautiful bed of charcoal. This Airtight Design also creates a secondary burn of the gases. A Charmaster furnace will squeeze all of the heat from the wood with this efficient process, and will consume far less wood than other wood furnaces. The bed of charcoal remains in the furnace and becomes the base for a tremendous source of heat for your home. This is impossible with other furnaces that have open, conventional grates.
Heat Exchanger
Another Charmaster Exclusive is The Creosote Eliminator. The top smoke outlet is scientifically engineered to allow a constant, controlled flow of warm smoke into the chimney to prevent creosote. With a Charmaster furnace, you can start burning wood earlier in the Fall and continue later in the Spring with safe, clean equipment.

Charmaster is located in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, one of the coldest areas in the nation. Being able to withstand the cold Northern Minnesota weather is in itself a testimony to our unique WOOD CENTRAL HOME HEATING SYSTEMS.

USA and Minnesota Each year we have temperatures that drop to 30 and 40 degrees below zero or colder. We heat our homes with ease under the most severe weather conditions imaginable.

Our research is constant. We are always monitoring during extreme temperatures in order to give the consumer the highest performance and maximum warmth available in a wood furnace. We realize that not all homes need a serious "Minnesota" heating system. To satisfy all of your heating requirements, Charmaster also has available stoves and fireplaces from Vermont Castings.

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